2023  The Nursery

Equal part event space and plant sanctuary, the goal of The Nursery was to convert a lifeless asphalt lot into a living ecosystem that houses both human and non-human life.  In order to meet code regulations the space was required to be temporal.  We devised a scheme to utilize Public Records existing storage infrastructure as the foundation of the intervention. Three shipping containers were re-organized into a U shape which provided the structure for a passively heated and cooled wooden truss and roll away door system.  Another container was modified and outfitted as a sound booth.  Masonry planters were constructed out of acoustic Soundblox in addition to the utilization of earth planted bamboo in key areas to further absorb sound.  A mobile de-constructible sound system was designed to be moved in and out of the storage U.  The project was a collaboration with Cactus Store, Mattaforma, Space Exploration, ARUP, OJAS, and NNN, and was featured in Dezeen, Surface, Hypebeast, and AN Interior.

Client:Public Records Typology:Ground Up, Hospitality Services:Branding, Creative Direction Status:Complete