is the design and development arm of Public Records.  The studio expands upon the organization’s vision and resources to conceptualize and actualize projects in partnership with like-minded makers of the built environment.

01. Shane Davis
Shane is the co-founder and Creative Director of Public Records and the organization's adjacent projects. His work on the design of PR's various spaces and experiences served as the pre-cursor to Public Service. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Dezeen, Surface, Hypebeast, and numerous other notable publications. Behind Shane's leadership, Public Records has become revered by the international design community as a leading force within the disciplines of environmental and cultural engineering. Prior to Public Records Shane built a Real Estate and Hospitality consulting agency focused around injecting value into the built environment through design and hospitality, after studying Design + Management at Parsons School of Design. These unique perspectives surrounding the dynamics between creativity, culture, and development informed the thesis of Public Service's cross-disciplinary approach.
02. Des Boneva
Bulgarian born, Singapore raised, Des studied Interior Architecture at UT Austin before holdings positions at Gensler, iCrave, and serving as Design Director at Morgans Hotel Group. In 2017 Des launched her eponymous firm DSLV Studio, which served as design partner to organizations such as Bunkhouse Hotels, Fortis Property Group, RXR, Rockefeller Group, L+L, and Taconic, while executing high profile residential commissions for numerous private clients. Des' collaborative relationship with Public Records began with the design of Public Records from 2017-2019, and was formalized with the creation of UPSTAIRS in 2022, the first formal project in collaboration as Public Service.
03. Francis Harris
Francis is the co-founder and Curatorial Director of Public Records. An acclaimed figure in the music industry for his solo releases, productions, Scissor and Thread label, and beloved DJ duo Frank and Tony, Francis’ reputation as an artist has been key in establishing the strength of PR’s identity within the artist community and his deep knowledge of music has been the core driver of the brand’s distinctive musical voice. Outside of music, Francis maintained a seasoned side career in hospitality, having worked for iconic restaurateurs including Jean Georges and Danny Meyer, and running the bar program at the legendary Pravda in SoHo Manhattan. This dual history between music and hospitality informs his expertise directing these aspects of Public Service's projects.
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